On-Demand Masterclass: Master Task Management in Microsoft 365 

Discover the secrets to seamlessly manage tasks using Microsoft Planner, To Do, Lists, Loop & Planner Premium!

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On-Demand Masterclass: Master Task Management in Microsoft 365 

Discover the secrets of seamlessly managing tasks across Microsoft Planner, To Do, Lists, and Loop!

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Let's Manage Tasks, Differently.

Embark on a journey to redefine the way you manage tasks with our Your 365 Coach On-Demand Masterclass, Master Task Management in Microsoft 365.

This brief video introduction peels back the curtain on how over 40 expert-led video lessons, comprehensive quizzes, a detailed companion guide, essential cheat sheets, and access to a private community can shift your productivity into high gear.

Explore a different way to achieve task mastery with Scott's guidance. So, hit play to start transforming your task management strategy today.

Before Mastering Task Management with Microsoft 365, You May Feel...

Overwhelmed by Organization

Do you find setting up and managing a plan more daunting than the tasks themselves?

Our Masterclass simplifies the complex, turning chaos into clarity.

Drowning in

Is your task management system a tangle of sticky notes and scattered reminders?

Discover a streamlined approach to bring order to your daily tasks and long-term projects.

Chasing Shadows

Tired of the endless cycle of following up on tasks?

Learn to automate your nudges and keep everyone on track with minimal effort.

Reporting Woes

Continually recreating reports to keep stakeholders updated?

There's a better way! Our Masterclass teaches you how to create automated and insightful reports.

Who Is This Course For?

Whether you're a task management novice or a seasoned organiser looking for the digital edge, this Masterclass is designed with a variety of learners in mind:

The Ambitious Project Lead

Leading projects means keeping a keen eye on progress and potential pitfalls. With this Masterclass, you'll learn to utilize Microsoft 365's suite to its fullest, ensuring your projects are on track and under control.

The Entrepreneur in a Hustle

As a start-up founder, every minute counts. This course is your pathway to integrating a robust task management system that scales with your burgeoning business and keeps you focused on growth.

The Remote Team Collaborator

Remote work has its perks, but staying in sync with your team can be a challenge. Master the art of collaborative task management and make distance a non-issue in your team's productivity.

The Tech-Savvy Student

Your academic and project work demands a high level of organization. Sharpen your task management skills to stay ahead of deadlines and manage group projects with finesse.

No matter where you are in your career or how much you know about Microsoft 365, our course will empower you with the skills, knowledge, and support you need to thrive in the digital workplace.

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Meet Your Expert Instructor:

Scott - A Microsoft MVP & Certified Expert

When it comes to mastering Microsoft 365 and SharePoint, you deserve nothing but the best. Your instructor, Scott, is no ordinary expert; he's a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) — a recognition held by only a select few around the world.

Scott also has a following of over 50,000 Subscribers across YouTube and TikTok, where he shares new video content every week, focussed on helping people get more from Microsoft 365.

Your Learning Path to Success:

 Embark on a learning journey tailored to transform beginners into task management gurus. 

Expand each Module to discover the Video Lessons Included:

In addition to the learning content above, we are working hard on our two NEW Learning Modules releasing in late April 2024 covering the NEW Microsoft Planner and Planner Premium experiences, at no additional cost to existing learners, expanded below.

Not only do you get all of the above, we are also thrilled to offer you two extraordinary bonuses to complement your learning journey:

Transform Your Learning into Real-World Results!

Elevate your skill set with our in-depth Masterclass. Anticipate these impactful achievements:

Boost Career Opportunities

Showcase your expertise in Microsoft 365 task management and open doors to new career advancements.

Manage with Confidence

Guide your team to peak productivity as the in-house expert on all things related to task management.

Propel Business Success

Leverage your skills to streamline operations, manage projects effectively, and drive your business forward.

Enhance Personal Efficiency

Apply your knowledge to organise your personal tasks, achieving a balanced and more productive lifestyle.

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Unlock Unbeatable Value with Our Masterclass!


At Your 365 Coach, we believe in delivering not just education but transformation. Our course package is designed to revolutionise your work life, empowering you to achieve more than you ever thought possible.





40+ Video Lessons Delivered by Your 365 Coach, a Microsoft MVP

Four Detailed Modules Covering Planner, To Do, Lists, Loop & Planner Premium Capabilities

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Access to Monthly Discovery Sessions for Microsoft 365

Private Access to Our Dedicated Community

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Success Stories from Our Customers

"I went from feeling overwhelmed in SharePoint to in control, all thanks to this course."

John Allen


"The practical tips have revolutionised the way we handle files in SharePoint, especially for sharing with customers."

Siobhan Bell


“Scott has a pleasant voice and it's easy to follow along. The course is on point, there's no fluff, and it's informative”.



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